Landscaping and Exterior Works

Depending on the project scope, We offer landscaping services, such as designing and installing gardens, walkways, and outdoor amenities. We may also handle exterior works such as parking lot construction, fencing, and signage.

Soft landscaping, planting and irrigation systems

Softscape or soft landscape includes all types of plant life, from flowers and trees to shrubs and groundcover. It naturally changes and evolves over time, driven by the climate, time of year and other conditions. Read more about soft landscape here.

Careful consideration should be given to the amount of maintenance that these elements will require to stay in good order. Read more about landscape design here.

Irrigation systems for gardens and external areas can be used to automate the process of watering. The most common forms are a drip irrigation systems that precisely releases water to the roots of plants, and a micro spray system that delivers a fine spray of water over a defined area. The benefit of installing such systems is their efficiency, delivering a water-use reduction of up to 90% compared to a traditional garden hose

Fencing, railings and walls

These can be used to stop or cut down any unwanted pedestrian or vehicular access, to provide privacy, to give delineation between areas and so on. They can be low level such as wooden palisade fencing, or high level such as security fencing with concrete or metal posts and wire mesh. Wrought iron fencing can be finished with spikes or pointed designs, and features such as razor wire and anti-climb paints can be used to reduce scalability.

There may be a requirement for retaining walls to prevent ground slippage or heave.

External Works and Landscape

  • Car Parking
  • layoutsPlayground and landscaping layouts for SchoolsArrival
  • courtyardsExternal Teaching Courtyards and Spaces
  • Secure Walls and Fencing - inc Low and Medium Secure facilities

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